Week 03 - The Proposal

Week 02

Enhancement of an existing design: Ear wax spoon


Keep existing functionality

Modify object for screen, environment, or portability

Emphasize either visceral, behavioral, or reflectie level


Multi-national, world traveler, business person, 45 years old

Design accommodations for the user

More detailed look in his life:

The user is a multi-national, well-travelled, 45-years-old business man. From knowing what he does, money is not an issue for him, and over the years, he has learned to appreciate finer things in life. His experiences from traveling has gained him insights to different cultures, and is familiar with foreign customs. From other countires, he buys gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. Therefore, any belongings of his are small and portable.

What we learn from his life:

Portability is a must.

Importance of design: visceral, behavioral, and reflective, all must be considered in designing for the specific user. Like BlackBerry.

Visceral - He is a multi-cultural traveler, and his experiences has shown him many beautiful things in life. He has high standards when it comes to beauty / design.

Behavioral - His job requires him to multi-task, and quickly move him to one place to another. Ease of use and portability is a must.

Reflective - He thinks his belonging must reflect his lifestyle. His sophisticated lifestyle helps him carefully choose his possessions.

Design enhancements of the existing product

More detailed look at the existing design:

Ear wax spoon.

Pros: Simple, intuitive design from Asia. It digs out ear wax from your ear. The physical attributes are simply designed: one end for digging, and the other for cleaning. Material is bamboo -- which is cost efficient and known for ease of cleaning. Cost efficient for manufacturers and for users. Encourages human interaction, and the ritural not only relaxes the user, but also creates a special bond between the two.

Cons: It may cause injury. It is fragile, since the material is thinly carved out bamboo tree. You can't do it alone. It is unsanitary, if not handled with care.

Design Specifics


plain color, fragile, un-ergonomic, dangerous, unsanitary, difficult to use


1. Sleek, attractive portable casing

2. Universal Instruction


1. Ergonomically friendly design of the frame

2. Softer surface / texture for reduce injuries, new material, possibly rubber

3. Sturdier structure of the form

4. Use eye catching color palettes

5. For manufacturers, easy to mass produce

6. Find an easier method?

Remaining question:

1. Enhancement in structure, design
1. Innovative method to provide the same functionality, for one person? or for two?

2. Innovation: divide and conquer? Specify the functionality into sections, and develop the appropriate feature for the specific demographic? Will it be another innovation?

ear massager for relaxations, for tired, stressed business man on plane

Rough sketches, examples

rough sketches for ear wax spoon

rough sketches for casing of ear wax spoon