The individual role for the Screen group

1. Initial Group Proposal
Researched the general environmental issues, and narrowed it down to the specific problems, identified the long-term / short-terms goals for the project.
Produced the graphic visuals to showcase the ideas and the approaches for the presentation.
Outlined key points and the concept.

2. Research on IAC business
Researched on Media & Advertising section of IAC businesses:, Citysearch, Evite, Insider Pages, Bloglines, iwon, Excite, My Way, Smiley Central and Zwinky. Observed their background information, pros & cons, and possible database for the website.

3. Group Meetings
Ideation / Finalizing the concept
Briefly participated on conceptualizing the project.

4. Visualization of the Project
Motion Graphics
Created motion graphics video to convey the look & feel of the project for the first final presentation.

5. Final Presentation
Motion Graphics
Created / edited motion graphics video based on the new concept after the first critique, and the video shows the steps of interaction between the wall and its visitor.