Week 06 - Group Proposal

General Environmental Problems:

Reducing pollution
Preserving wilderness
Protecting endagered species
save the ocean
Global warming
Consumption of natural resources


1. Endangered species
Distance between human and nature
Industrialized cities

Ex: Coral reefs effect the population of marine life.

Appreciation of nature
Raise public awareness of preservation
Provide indirect experience

Long term goal:
Replenish the nature back to its optimal state

2. Farm raised animals / fish

Lack of knowledge
Issues with public health
Possible link to cancer

Educate consumers / government
Alter the purchases

Long term goal:
Eventually, change health regulations on farm raised animals

3. Water pollution
Danger to public health (globally)
Danger to the species living underneath

Ex: issues with environment / promotion of algene water bottle
typhoid, respiratory, skin diseases


Long term goal:
Extinction of polluted water related diseases


1. Data visualize the information (possiblity of using user input database)

2. Narrative to educate the public in an efficient way

3. Virtual environment to provide indirect experience of nature (Endangered species)