Week 05 - Presentation from "Screen" group

BBCi and Steve Rogers

BBCi Vs. Google

1. Structure
BBCi : Google = publicly owned organization funded by government : business aiming to develop a product that will please individuals

2. Goal
BBCi : Google = tries to maintain a strong sense of local community and social reponsibility : strives to design for thebest reslts, while remaining politically and socially neutral

Steve Rogers and BBCi

He studied transportation design then moved into industrial design and got a job at Philips Electronics. At the height of dot-com boom in 2000, Razorfish offered him to lead product development team. But unfortunately, the crash of dot-com came too soon, he stayed with Razorfish for a year, then moved to BBCi.

BBCi's initial request to Steve Rogers

"Move from monologue to dialogue"
Moving from an old world broadcast environment, where you're talking at the audience, to a two-way dialogue with an audience.
(comments, email, live chats, message boards)

Steve's attempt in enabling interaction between people and BBCi

1. Understand the audience, for user centered design
2. Creating safe zone, fully moderated chat rooms for kids and self moderated chat rooms for adults

Major changes to the Homepage

1. Anchor point: a toolbar consistent throughout the site, as a browser or a widget. Sense of trust.
2. Graphical language: Trust worthy, professional, but engaging and intimate. Personal promotional images.
3. Digital patina: frequent visits pump up the intensity of colors, faded colors are used for the less visited sites. Personalized website.