Week 04 - Reflection of Reading: Protocol

Chapter 2: Form

"Protocols are an entire formal apparatus."

Repressive use of media vs. Emacipatoy use of media

A special relationship between computers and the human brain. It is a logical step to replace organic sense organs with computerized ones.

"Cybernetic system['s] virtues are balance, self-regulation, circularity and control."

"Memex, a nonhierarchical, associative machine for inputting and outputting information."

"Web seems to mirror several of the key characteristics o the rhisome: the ability o any node to be connected to any other node, the rule of multiplicity, the ability to splinter off or graft on any point, the rejection of a "deep structure," and so forth."

"The Net is not narrative-based, or time-based. The answer [to its magnetic power] is in the form."


"Internet is able to use the application layer to create a compelling, intuitive experience for the user. This is the secret f continuity."

"Continuity creates this pleasurable, fluid experience for the user."

Techniques of continuity

Conceal the source

Eliminate dead links

Green means go

True identity

Remove barriers

Continuity between media types

Prohibition against low resolution

Highest speed possible

Prohibition on crashes

Prohibition on dead media

Eliminate mediation

Feedback loops

Anonymous but descriptive

Record: it has its roots in the ability of physical objects to store informaton.

Object: it is the digital economy's basic unit. it exists only upon use

Protocol: it is a set of rules that defines a technical standard. it is a type of object. it is a universal description language for objects it is a language that regulates flow, directs netspace, codes relationships, and connects life-forms.

"The Internet is a delicate dance between control and freedom."


HTML: it is the Net's universal graphic design protocol since 1990. it designates the arangement of objects in a browser.


"All unnecessary barriers beteen the user and the cotent must be removed. All content must be placed as close to the front door as possible. Often this means that the tree-like hierarchy of computer operating ystems mustbe subverted, in favor of a more flat interface."

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